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I grew up playing sports, all sports: soccer, field hockey, flag football, rugby, track and field, water skiing, archery, hunting...the list goes on and on. That myriad of different movements kept me balanced in my body, which helped me avoid injury.

Today we ask kids to pick 1 sport to focus on at insanely early ages. I saw it in my own 2 sons.

Year round soccer at age 7?  I mean seriously?! Yep. No wonder our youth are all getting injured.


Insert need for yoga.

After a nice career in sales and marketing in the pharmaceutical and medical world, I took some time off to focus on my kids. I came back to a daily yoga practice to keep me sane and got certified with no intention of ever. Insert life changing moment.

Things happen for a reason. I walked in to take class and the teacher didn’t show. Well, guess who taught?  I was hooked. Watching someone find that “holy shit” moment on their mat...awesome!  

I started studying more and more. I became obsessed with breath, movement, focus, you name it! 

My successful business career (and total stud of a husband) provided me with the financial freedom to study with some of the best in the industry: Sage Rountree for my Yoga for Athlete certification, Jason Crandell for anatomy, mobility and sequencing, Rolf Gates for my 500hr certification and a shit ton of meditation, and Leslie Kaminoff for crap I still don’t understand 100%! I continue to study as much as possible, as self study is what this practice is all about.

I fell into working with athletes almost like I fell into teaching. I was recommended to replace a teacher with a team at Davidson College. Luckily, when she came back the guys wanted to stay with me. That team led to another team, and another team, and so on.  I learn as much or more from my athletes as they do me.

Some days we are laughing and cursing at the same time: other days it is restorative breathwork.

I will never ask an athlete to focus only on stretching. That is not what this is about.


I want to make everyone the best person possible on and off the mat, mentally, physically and hopefully spiritually.  If I asked a pitcher to stretch his shoulder way out, he would lose his pitching edge. Tightness in an athlete isn’t bad... learning the inconsistencies in the body to maximize training programs is awesome!

I am blessed to have a wide variety of individual, private clients I have worked with for years. Most are insanely busy professionals who like customized attention and accountability.


I am wicked loyal, and offer these clients the utmost respect and complete confidentiality. 

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